One good, one bad

So after the Championship every year, my team goes over the good parts of this year and something to improve on. These ideas, especially when coming from newer members, are oftentimes scattered and not always addressed. So, for the sake of my team, but especially your own teams, I have a question.

What was one team you thought your team did really well this year?

Also, what was the one thing you really want to work on improving for your team, and how do you plan on doing so? I know Ed already made two topics about the good and bad of the year, but those seemed more FIRST bend as opposed to people reflecting back on their own teams.

Let us know what you thinks. :slight_smile:

What was one team you thought your team did really well this year?
As a team we worked great at getting things done with a tight time crunch

What was the one thing you really want to work on improving for your team, and how do you plan on doing so?
We want to find some more mentors because as of now we have 1 mentor for about 40 students

A good way of getting mentors is actually taking them to a competition. I know it is a little late for this season, but maybe an off-season tournament will work. I don’t think many people understand the organization until they experience a regional. We were able to take 2 people with us this year that we thought would be benficial to the team, and they have committed to being mentors next year. That is how we really sell it to the people that are on the line and a bit unsure

Good: Scouting, driving, strategy

Bad: Didn’t stick to design criteria and priorities.

Thanks so much for this advice… To bad there aren’t any off-season events near by. I guess that means a lot of demo’s and phone calls.

Excelled in scouting compared to previous years and have a student who’s interested in taking it to the max.
Simplified our strategy from day 1 rather than trying to meet stretch goals (i.e. hanging). It worked very well for us and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Areas for Improvement:
No clear decision making process to bring contesting thoughts to a consensus.
Didn’t realize the amazing potential of one of our mechanical mentors who entered the scene late. We put him with the Build 2 team, which was responsible for the field component construction, crate, and bumpers.

Excellent robot this year. Seeded 5th at philly! Almost no problems with it at all for our second regional

1.25 build days for programmers to do their stuff. After the plan was to have it to us 1 week early

most of our team members are not doing nothing, when we were at the championship (we won regional rookie all star award) they did not come even as tourists because they did not came to the team games. there are only 6 people in my team that I can call the team members. next year it’s going to change, I won’t let any one who don’t do nothing in the team to be a team member.
part of the problem in my team is that it was our rookie year and it’s our school rookie year: our school is a new school it started with 10th grade only, next year the school will be growing to 11th grade and the year after to 12 grade so, all the team members this year are only from 10th grade. they don’t have the discipline, the uderstanding and the initiative to be a the part of the working team.

We need more mentors next year but by our experience we need mentros who were in FIRST a few years.

We need to raise money but in our city the only potentional donators are the gas station and there are only 2 and they are already our sponsers.

Next Year Will Be Better!

Good: scouting at the championships rocked!
all of the team members did everything they had to do during the season.

Bad: Our drivers didn’t have enough time to practice, but it’ll be better next year, I am positive about that! ^^

Good - driving, quality of robot, well designed kicker.
Bad - Communication, use of 1400 metal screws, more than one per inch, way too many, rushing around last minute.

Good: Good game, fun season, great competition for watching, our robot had the only contracting rotating kicker in FIRST!!

Bad: Suspending (good thing we never even considered it :P), we didnt have an auto, our drivers hardly knew how to drive at the first competition (they got much much better), our robot was in no way simple, despite that being the main objective of the season.