One Mechanism for grabbing Cargo and Hatch?

So Ive been trying to figure out how to make a one mechanism that can intake both the ball or hatch. Other than doing a separate machanisms all I can thing of is a clamping grabber that maybe grabs the inside of the diak and the outside of the ball or I hate to say it but a conical vacuum that grabs the disk surface and sucks the ball. What do you guys think?


I think that the objects are too different to use the same mechanism to control them both, and why not have a seperate mechanism? you should be able to attatch your panel grabber to the underside of your cargo manipulator.


Attaching to the underside is exactly what I have been thinking. Haven’t had a chance to test it, but I imagine you could also get away with a much more compact mechanism than being developed by the various Ri3D teams for grabbing the hatches.

My team spent a good amount of time thinking this one. The main advantage is that, if you only have one intake mechanism you simplify the overall design, but problems with this mechanism are going to make your robot useless, because you rely heavily in one single part. In my opinion, its better to make two different mechanisms that work great than one mechanism that works fine but its not the best.
The vacuum seems funny, but sadly its unrealistic :frowning: haha

I agree that the two are so different that trying to manipulate both with the same device is something of a soup sandwich. One of the ideas Pereichi and I kicked around was handling hatch covers at one end of the robot and cargo at the other, but both intakes/placers are mounted on the same lift.