One Minute Autonomous Question

The packet given to us says that only one robot at a time will do the one minute autonomous challenge. According to the diagram of the game, there are still four starting points on the game floor. Does anyone know if we are allowed to choose which point we start from?

You are likely going to have to specify what you’re talking about in order to get an answer.

You are posting in an FRC part of the forum, but the question is definitely not FRC related.

If you are talking about FTC, I don’t know what packet of information you were given, but I suggest you read through the game manual found here:

Between all the FIRST programs and VEX none currently have a 1 minute autonomous performed by one machine as far as I can tell.

Nah, it’s VRC. The first question is, is your tournament holding the autonomous/driver challenge(s)? The second is, you might want to ask the experts at IFI for your answer. I think there are official forums, though I don’t know the address offhand.

Unofficially, from a reading of the rules, I would say yes. (Scoring cube color doesn’t matter; theoretically, neither should starting position.)

(VRC has an option for tournaments to have an autonomous challenge and a driver challenge. Something like 1 minute, one robot, score as much as you can. If you are in the College Challenge, automode is one minute standard.)