One motor works and other doesnt: Programming issue?- Jaguar Flashing Red

For the first time, we drove it around and it worked fine until i switched the PWM cables while it was still live. The right side of the motor went haywire and it just kept on going. The jaguar is still supplying electricity but the LED is not on.

I tried to deploy a blank project and it didn’t work.

We switched Jaguars and now it’s flashing red. We covered the fault conditions.

I think I did something wrong with the programming but, I don’t have the slighest idea where to start.

Sorry If this seems very confusing but, if anything seems unclear about my explanation please ask.

Can you post your code? but i really doubt it is a code problem.
Did you try to switch PWN cables or even to newer Jaguars?

thats been happening to us also… we switched 4 jaguars… they been randomly blinking red for some reason; it started with our black jaguars

If it’s fast red blink (about 5 times per second), that simply means the jaguar is powering the motor backwards. If it’s a slower blink (around 2 times per second…ish) that means a fault condition which is:

Under voltage (check battery)
Over Temperature (Turn off robot for a few minutes)
Over Current (Make sure motors aren’t stalling)
Limit Switch (Make sure jumpers are in if you’re not using limit switches; make sure your limit switches are normally closed if you are)

If you are using the CAN bus, you can figure out which one it is programatically.

See here for more information about the jaguars.

However, a red blinking light (either fast or slow) means that the code is doing something.

I have had this problem with permanent damage on jaguars due to metal fillings and sawdust entering their vents. I have also had this problem with jaguars over heating. For both of the jaguars that this started on I was never able to make it stop. The jaguars appear to be fried. I would however, suggest that you check the small black jumpers that go on the pins in the front of the jaguar. There should, unless you changed something, be some there. Make sure that all of your jaguars have the jumpers in the same positions. If that doesn’t work I would try switch out jaguars and seeing if a fresh jaguar will solve the problem. I would also advise that you make sure all of the vents on your jaguars have good air supply, that too can cause problems. Good Luck!