One of the first thing I suggest is to change your theme to Dark


For users returning to CD one of the biggest turn offs for me was how white and bright was. If you Left Click your user icon > Select the Gear “Preferences” > then select Interface you can choose dark or light theme.

For Me the dark theme is easier to view.


The Robowranglers agree with this suggestion.


The dark is nice, but im wanting the old color scheme back. Hopefully someone will create a style thats like the old CD color scheme. (i know someone a dark scheme for the old CD, but i have no clue who so i cant ask them…)


I agree with this suggestion as well… it’s much more pleasant viewing, both on the computer and on the phone! Plus, once logged in, the settings carry to each device for you!


I really wish there was some compromise between the bright white and the Stark black. Maybe some kind of gray area…


For those people who are considering testing the new #AllBlackEverything theme… it’s fantastic.

What they say is true:
Once you go #AllBlackEverything you never go #AllBackEverything because it’s actually really, REALLY difficult to find the button to turn it off.


This is so much better than the Dark Theme, I truly do recommend that everyone use the #AllBlackEverything Theme. ChiefDelphi is just so much easier on the eyes with this new theme, no more having to see or read things.


I just tried the #AllBlackEverything. Best theme ever.


#allblackeverything really highlights all the quality content. +1


Yep, took me a lot of random clicking and remembering where each button was.


I clicked it out of curiosity then had a panic attack for about 30 seconds until I fixed it, but yes. 10/10 do recommend


Thanks for this suggestion. For some reason, it seems to make CD look like CD. The light theme felt strange.

Are custom Discourse themes a thing?


Download this


@pchild proper CD colors next thanks

For those wanting a compact viewing though that does look pretty nice.


I would have to reccomend the #AllBlackEverything theme as I found the regular dark theme to be way too bright


When I tried it, I had to turn on my computer again to actually view the site. :stuck_out_tongue:


#AllBlackEverything “Its a trap”




I guess I’ve been reading words printed with black ink on white paper for too many decades…the light theme just seems natural, to me.

But if we had an early black/green monochrome monitor type theme, it might be ok. (yes, there were black/orange monochrome monitors, but they were rather rare)


Ok How to apply it to CD?