One of the first thing I suggest is to change your theme to Dark


Just install the Stylish browser plug-in then download the style I linked to.
It works for me on Chrome and Firefox.


If you do #AllBlackEverything, I advise you don’t hit the save changes button. Fixing that one was interesting…


Couldn’t see that button, let alone hit it, when I tried it.


Ctrl + A helps with finding things, from my experience, since it highlights everything when you select it.

Another thing that you can do is hover your mouse and look at the little gray bar that appears in the bottom left corner to see what you’re about to click on.

Good luck liking posts, though.


Crtl-A didn’t work on #all-black-everything. Surprisingly enough.

I could tell where the dang drop-down was, but couldn’t hit the target for back to dark mode or light mode. So I used a bookmark to the homepage and that cleared it up.


This is how it looks like for me; it might be the browser or the computer, but at least in my case I’ve been able to get it to work.

Then again, I kind of doubt most people would want to actually be in #AllBlackEverything, so I suppose my suggestion is only really effective if you’re brave/crazy enough to actually try to use it on a daily basis.

Now if only I could find the ‘reply’ button…