One of the strangest FRC matches

Hello all,

I’m working on putting all of the DVDs I recorded from FRC events on-line. I finally got to match 54 of the 2003 Seattle Regional. It’s a very strange match.

Blair’s commentary is very good on this one, plus it allowed him to become very creative.


This match is very similar to this 1 vs. 0 from the 2008 Waterloo Regional, except at Waterloo the alliance with the working robot was able to (barely) win, while the match you found has the two non-functioning robots winning.

During the match, the score for the blue alliance was reported as 5, but in the final results it was 0. Based on the game video, shouldn’t their final score have been 5?

If you ever hear someone bemoaning the Kit of Parts drivetrain, show them this video.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Real-time scoring back then was hardly official. Referees would count after each match.
  2. Looking at SC8 (PDF link), the stack itself had no point value–it was simply your multiplier. We see in the video that the red alliance built a stack of 7, then left one beside it. 17=7. The blue alliance builds a stack of 5 in their scoring zone, but toss the remainder on the gray carpet that doesn’t score. 05=0.

Zero is an accurate score for that match. You got points equal to your tallest stack, multiplied by the number of scored totes not in that tallest stack. They only had a stack of 5 with no loose totes, so 5 * 0 = 0.

Which means, that 7 points is the lowest, non-zero score you can get with 8 legally scored totes. Welcome to 2003 everyone!

We never get to see what stacks the HPs set up on the blue side of the field. I’m guessing it’s either a single stack of 5, or 5 stacks of 1, either of which would give (if I’m reading the scoring rules correctly) a score of zero. Red’s score is based on the multiplier stack being 7 and there being one stack of 1, 7 x 1 = 7 + 0 (opponent’s score) = 7.

Edit: Double Sniped

The hokey pokey song was a fitting end for that match.

Same with overly harsh penalties and/or game design. We forget how far we’ve come!

Sadly, matches like this didn’t used to be all that strange in FRC.

Thanks for uploading these Jim, it is great to see stuff from before I was involved and it is cool seeing younger versions of many people who are still active.