One Question

  1. We are having a debate on our team about points awarded. One side says that if you hurdle a trackball you will receive 10 points. 6 points for hurdling, 2 points for the ball crossing the line, and 2 points for the robot crossing the line. The other side (which I happen to be on) says that you receive 8 points for hurdling. 6 points for hurdling the ball and 2 points for the robot crossing the line. So can you help us decide who is right?

I had another question, but I can’t remember it right now.

Try reading the scoring chart in Section 7. It’s 10 points if the robot crosses the line. 2 robot, 2 ball, 6 bonus (added with the ball).

<G11> Each TRACKBALL that HURDLES its own FINISH LINE will earn 8 points (2 points for
CROSSING the FINISH LINE – re Rule <G10> - and a 6 point bonus, yielding 8 points

<G06> During the TELEOPERATED PERIOD, a ROBOT will earn 2 points each time it CROSSES

In the game section of the manual all points for robot and trackball scoring are separate. Hurdling a trackball results in a total of 8 points, and a robot crossing the finish line counts for 2 for a result of 10.

The 2 points for crossing the finish line is the same 2 points you would get under the overpass, plus the bonus 6 for hurdling (independent of the points you get for your robot crossing the line).

Ok thanks, I thought that the 6 point bonus from the hurdling would cancel out the 2 point bonus for crossing the line. Sorry.

my understanding is that you will receive a total of 10 points (2 for robot crossing line 2 for ball crossing line and an additional 6 for hurdling)