one stick drive

Hey, i know this has probably been mentioned, but i couldnt find it, so here it goes.

We are using 1 stick drive this year, and the default isnt working to well. When we have the stick in the up left corner it barely moves towards the left instead of going into a circle. When we lift the bot off the ground to look at it, the left is stopped like it is suppost to be. Any ideas out there?

it is probably just coasting - just cause you’re not putting power to a motor doesn’t mean that it won’t move.

what we usually do with our 1 stick control system is to put a small of amount of power to the opposite track in the opposite direction. that usually makes it work fine.

It is true that sending 127 out to your left motor might let it coast. Another problem could be that you have too much traction, and your wheels aren’t slipping in the left and right directions. Tank drive depends on the wheels being able to spin perpendicuar to their axis without too much resistance.

Ah, thank you much. /wave