one suggestion to make this forum better

Sorry for bugging you guys with all these questions. I figure since it’s been a week since kickoff, and the initial energy/excitement have calmed down, its a good time to reflect on this week’s.

If there is one suggestion you can make to make this forum better (whatever that might mean to you), what would it be?

I think a really good idea to make this forum better was suggested in another location. I think there should be a short waiting period for newly joining members. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full five days, but at least 24-48 hours is fairly reasonable. That way they can get the understanding of things. :slight_smile:

Other than that, I want to say congrats to CD on a build season flux well managed.

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Edit: What is the use of a waiting period before posting on a site with all the forums visible to the public?

They are free to browse the forums. They just can’t post for a certain number of hours. A lot of people on here have a habit of posting something a bit dumb on the first moment they register. I was most definitly one of them :).

You can see my suggestion in my sig.

Thanks, but that’s a suggestion for the members ;-).

I am looking more toward suggestions on how this forum can be modified to be better for the users.

You always see “search before you post!”

What if a new member has no idea what to search for?

I think the forum police need to step down from their pedestals, and try to teach the new members how to use the forum, not just bash them for not searching before they post.

Even though it would be useless, a tutorial of some sort (maybe a flash animation like the link removed, or even just a simple html page) that would explain all important features of these forums would save the new users and old users a bunch of headaches.

Ban those who whine. This is my second season with CD. and this year i have seen easily 10 fold the number of people complaining about how poor a job first is doing. If they think they can run this organization better, i dont think they deserve the privledge of using this forum, or any other team resource for that matter.

ok, flaming over

I agree a little “tutorial” some sort may be usefull maybe it is something that has to be done before you post. I would think there is someone out there who could make a flaash animation or two with some moderator guidence. Parts of this like Searching could be a seperate movie in a FAQ.

Maybe put a First Time Here link that takes you to a menu of flashes to instruct people how to make good posts, and explain how the forums work. please teach folks how to post, and then how to search. Also, talk about the rep points, those are really cool.

How about the ability for every user to make their own FIRST based blog!

OK maybe not…

That actually wouldn’t be too hard to implement.

OK then I take it back.
I want to make a Fantasy FIRST blog! :smiley:

Subscribing to the various subforums and a new posts from subscribed forums button? Pretty please Brandon. :slight_smile:


totally agree. i just joined today and it took me atleast 2 hrs to just get acquainted with it. :ahh: 1/2 the time all i saw was “SEARCH BEFORE YOU ASK” but it took me a while to find the different categories, etc. and what a bunch of the buttons meant. i’m sure tehre are a bunch of options on here that even the pros aren’t aware of. it’d be nice to have a tutorial or just a quick ppt briefly explaining each feature. :]

Put a reminder on the top of every new thread page to make sure they search and include a link.

You know, Matt. Your (and may others’) wish may come true.

I’ve been wanting a quick way to get the ‘Forum / Help / Comments’ and other areas that I pay attention to, to show up on a ‘new posts’ search results.

I may just tackle those 2000 lines of code, now that I have some free time.

question/suggestion (depends)

OK, I’m not sure if this is here already: is there a customized page when we sign in that tells us the pages we have recently posted in and a link to the thread? :confused: I’ve seen this feature in CC (college confidential - a forum like this about HS/college) and it’s very convenient because sometimes it’s hard to find the places we have posted in (or maybe it’s just me because i am quite forgetful…). :rolleyes:

There is a way to do that.

Click your name.

Click “Find all posts by nehalita” (second from the bottom).