One thing you learnt this season

Tell us one important thing you learnt this season :slight_smile:

i learned how to spell…

haha i couldnt resist. I learned that fire and fat crazy kids don’t mix well…

Here is one really important thing I learnt this season:

If you do it for yourself, you ain’t gonna make it. If you do it for your team, You’ll make it.

< shyly > that I missed FIRST :o < /shyly >

I learned that there is difference between being a college mentor and an engineering mentor. The latter is significantly more strenuous and tiring (yet still loads of fun :smiley: ). As a recent grad. I salute all the engineers in this program that put in all the time and effort to make their teams a success.

Our team learned the importance of careful design before construction. We spent three days making custom gearboxes only to find out that they didn’t fit…so we went back to the annoying right-angle gearboxes from the kit.

i learned that current sensors and butane torches dont mix :rolleyes:


that pneumatics are fun :slight_smile:

don’t listen to mentors

dont listen to anyone who is shorter than you

I learned how to program in C. :slight_smile:

I learned that nothing is impossible, even if it seems that way (even building a fully functioning robot in less than 3 weeks!) :smiley:

I learned not to underestimate the power of college vs the build :stuck_out_tongue:

so far so good though…which is good :slight_smile:

one thing I learned this year;
is that punctuation is important;
and if you fail to use it properly;
you get errors; /mistakes/
where you dont expect them;

I learned that you should never let an electrical engineer tell you how to mechanically assemble something. Ever.

I learned that I will need a whip next year for keeping the electronics and pneumatics groups on schedule.

Very funny Yan…

I learned to not have so many things to do during build season. Really let my team down. But we still got everything done; so it’s good.

dont trust anyone over 30 or any team under with a number less than 200! :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

1.) Check the top of the drill press before using
2.) Clamp down aluminum while using box (mitre) saw

(I have a thumb to show for both…) :slight_smile: