One upping Dave: A Diet Coke and Mentos Rocket!

Is it a bad thing when there’s a 10 for $10 sale of 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke at the local Super Shop and Shop, especially when you are at a grad party?

I don’t know about you, but there is a much more exciting way to watch the Diet Coke/Mentos reaction than watching a ten-foot-high stream of fizz shoot out of the top of the bottle. The Diet Coke and Mentos eruption gets boring after a little while. So why not try a Diet Coke and Mentos explosion?

Yes, that’s right, a Diet Coke - Mentos explosion. That said explosion was able to launch a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke well over 100 feet away using only Mentos. I love it when science is fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here the video: (15 Mb, Windows Media Video)

Legal Disclaimer: If you try this at home, please use common sense and be safe.

That’s nothing. Check this out

Beware of some of the content on the rest of the site.

Now thats pimp,

Ive been wondering how to make those, your video definitely clarified it :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, thats really cool, and now i know what ill be doing all day after i get out on my last day :smiley:

rockets > fountain

The best part about this in my perspective, was I think I was the only one to see it’s whole flight, because as everyone else was standing in the driveway, and the bottle flew over the house and a tree, I just happened to be walking back from my car and heard the big bang, and watched the bottle fly and almost land in a open convertible on the opposite side of the house it launched from… :ahh:

I’ve gotta say… That was pretty freaking awesome. I had to watch the video like 3 times to get the whole idea.

So the diet coke will eat through the shrink wrap?

when they shook it the plastic wrap came loose and the mentos spilled into the coke thus…

That was pretty awsome…now i have a summer project…

C’mon… we’ve got two of these threads up now…Where’s Dave?

The question stands: What’s Dave gonna pull on us? Any word from him yet?

Surely there is a better launch mechanism than throwing the bottle at the ground?

A better one is already in the design stages… :wink:

It’ll be ready hopefully for debut on July 8th.

He’s too busy scratching the idea of a jello-based game and thinking up some more of the possible uses for mentos and diet coke in next years game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh…wonder how long it’ll take for the “Mentos/Diet Coke Game” thread to start up in the rumor section. Because seriously? The jello game is so 2008. :rolleyes:

I meant July 1st… :o Hehehehe… Bring the cameras.

if someone is really working on a Dcoke/Mentos rocket then ‘studies’ have shown that water-rockets get the best altitude when they are about 33 to 45 % full.

It would be interesting to see some tests with the bottle plugged with something designed to release at a preset pressure buildup (like a cork) instead of the screw top

and please, beg/borrow/steal some safety glasses. Ive never met a blind engineer.

All right guys, I’ll be the adult type person. Did you see how fast and high that bottle went when it launched? That would have knocked the crap outta someone had it hit them. By just throwing it at the ground you have no control over where it goes.

Common sense would say not launching a 4.5lbs missile next to a crowd of people with no idea of where it would go. A better launch system is definitely needed.


OMG Mento’s + Coke= FUN…

All i remember was being in my computer room and seeing to coke bottle fall from the sky and being like WTF!?!?!?
And i remember thinking OMG Dad’s gunna flip :mad: and he was outside watching and cracking up histerically. :ahh:
That deffinately made my senior year. I wish i could graduate again! Maybe my college grad. party we can do some more damage and light off more cannon’s and fireworks! :smiley:

~Cake! ( The Grad Party ) :cool:

Party pooper. Although the mentioned concerns are valid, there is a simple way to compensate. Enclose all potenital projectile particles in an appropriate container that will properly constrain any errant motion. For an excellent example, please refer to this experiment, which is conducted with all the proper precautions.


so what happens if you drink Diet Coke while chewing on a Mentos mint ?

what happens if you drink about a liter of D coke and then swallow one :eek:

I tried putting mentos and coke in my mouth at the same time. Basically you sort of just fizz and then realize your mouth isn’t nearly as big as you thought it was.

Haha! But, is it me or did she just pour it down the front of herslef without actually drinink any?

I acually own a mechanism to launch plastic bottles with using compressed air and liquids…I definitely gotta try this…I know what I’m buying when I get off work tomorrow.

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