One Week Left! How Many Tetras?

With around one week left in the build session, most teams have a concrete design ready to go. My question to all is At this point, how many tetras can your robot manipulate, pick-up, etc? It’s a simple question. Our team saw many teaser pics, and are curious in other team’s designs. We’ve seen one armed robots, but looks can be deciving! (is that how you spell? I dunno)

Most teams will only be able to lift one, because their extending many feet out and each tetra is almost nine pounds…
As for my team, I believe one is the limit, and even than it is not entirely stable.

We can do 2 but we will probably only do 1 because the 2nd one tends to fall off if we drive like we would in a match.

in theory, we can stack over 4, but our arm has too much back drive in the gearbox. Even after adding another CIM motor. right now, we can barely get the arm to extend without the whole think falling

Team 007 is figuring no more than 2 tetras to stack. We highly doubt it will stack two at once, but hey, it’s worth a shot! :wink:

As of now, none. Only the base of our arm has been mounted. :ahh:

We had a difficult time lifting just one! We had our 52" aluminum arm chain-driven and rotating on a 1/2" keyed rod axle. In testing lifting the vision-tetra, the axle twisted and all of the bolts holding the hub to the sprocket also bent. . . Back to the drawing board and we’re currently beefing up the whole “shoulder” device.

We are only letting our arm do 1, we could probably do 2, but we don’t see the point at the moment.

Zero :cool:

Happy Hell Week Everybody!

Our arm can easily pick up two but we will probably only have one on at a time.

Same here :o. Hopefully two very soon.

something tells me that zero isnt what we think it would all mean taken at face value :ahh:

Well, I think we could possibly pick up two, but we will most likely just pick up one at a time. For all of you that can’t pick up any yet, get to work people! Sorry, I would just so flip out if I was in that situation.

Right now, we can pick up 1.5 tetras fully. Hopefully tomorrow we can do 2.


  • If it has been carefully positioned by a human right next to the temporary claw which we aren’t going to use anyway.

My team, 399, robot can pick up 3 or even possibly 4 tetras lifting from the front side of the robot and 1 tetra lifting from the back side of the bot.

We of team 85 can handel 2, with a very small chance of either falling off (almost zero% to be percise), but we COULD handel 4, but odds are, we won’t try it, to risk for us.

Team 1263 has the ability to stack 3 tetras at a time onto the lower sized goals. We have the ability to transport 5 tetras.

If we get a picture I willl post it on the teaser page.

Time for a foul up question, which is what this game is all about. With your robot at its current state, how many tetras can you stack on the center goal, and the other goals? Give your best answers. Besides, it all comes down to the competitions! Our Robot can transport 3 tetras, and stack 3 on the center goal.

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