Online 80/20 Supplier?

Can someone give me a link to an Online 80/20 supplier? I’m looking for 1.5"x1.5" 80/20.


mcmaster carr

search 80/20 or extrusions

Look for your local distributor.

McMaster doesn’t sell the t-slot 80/20…only the erector set type.

I was wondering if we could just order them online somewhere instead of going through our local supplier…which is very far from us.

Well i just found out our local place in Carolina Fluid. I figured they were based out of NC so it would get to VA fast. Turns out the ship from Indiana. Whats the point of local distributor if you dont ship from local places.

Local Distributors design the product for the client, then they send all the CAD files to 8020 (using an 8020 program inside of CAD - called Auto Quoter). 8020 then cuts, packages all hardware needed, and anything else that is needed and then ships the product to the customer directly where they do the final assembly. However, 8020 can also ship to the distributor and they will assemble the product for the client.

Thanks. I am using two identical frames made of 80/20 to connect to each other, only allowing linear motion for a linear track system. I’ve done the same thing before, only with spare 80/20 lying around the shop. I’ve never actually went out and ordered it.

How long does it take for the pieces to be manufactured and arrive?

Our local distributor in Toledo, OH can submit a design in the morning and have the parts within 2-3 business days (or less).

Ours are going to take a full 7 days :frowning: Thats also on slow ground shipping though.

If ordering 8020 or other metal online, Be aware of shipping costs. If you order a piece that with packaging exceeds 96’’, I believe, UPS will kill you with shipping charges. Mc Master does sell extrusions but i don’t believe they are 80/20.