Online Aim High Game

A member of our team has created a really great flash animation/game based on the 2006 Aim High competition. It allows for a 1 on 1 competition using the theory of the 2006 with a basic, all-function robot. Just looking for people’s reactions to this game. Thanks.

The idea is cool, but the robots are really hard to control if they get stuck. Much harder than our robot was this year. (Can’t speak for other robots)

Thats really cool. You get stuck on corners though. :frowning:

I have to get used to the controls, but this seems like another method of procrastination I can add to my list. Its pretty neat.

Totaly sweet. That is one addicting game. Great job. I’ll tell my team about this game and maybe we might even make a REGIONAL out of it. Again thanks for the game and keep up the good work.

I agree, the robots are annoying when they hit something.

My high score (Red robot, no fiddling with blue) was 135. Anyone top that?


Heres a hint: You can only hold 25 balls at once, and when you “puke” them out the bottom, all 25 end up in the same spot and can be picked up in one gulp.

Hmmm… methinks a nice little randomization factor into your physics engine would work nicely. (Unless there isn’t one and it’s just a scripted event)

Its good! It might become a tournament game for Championship for us! Good Job Mech Techs!

WELL Im matrched with bilfred 135. Fun game to play when you are bored out of your mind.

My top is 142 so far.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll work with our programmers to get some of those kinks out.

i got 150 :slight_smile: But dang it was hard to do without the blue guy. with the blue guy i only managed still to get 171.

wow, i didnt know it would get that much attention!

Heres what im currently working on, for those of you who are interested:
-randomize who starts first, blue has unfair advantage
-physics of ball interactions, they cant occupy the same space
-allow bots to push
-allow selection of bot you want (out of three options probably, a low pusher, low goal only, 40 ball capaxity, one like the current one, shoots and drives slower, and a 15 ball capacity shooter only)
-you can only suck balls in through the roller at the front
-making it more friendly
-not getting stuck

if you have any suggestions, please post them, like you have been doing. its spring break for me this week so if i dont get this perfect by the end of the week, ill never finish. And maybe some day ill make one for the the 2005 challenge, i think tat would be easier (keeping track of 40 balls holy moley!)

and one last thing, there is a slight easter egg in the game, sort of. if you can find whats weird about the first human players and post it, you will receive a special award*

PS: my top score is 181

because there is no autonomous and blue always goes fisrt, i think they are getting an unfair advantage, so that gonna be the first thing i change. and if anyone suggests i make it so you program your won autonomous i’ll slap you. no joke.

*of no actual value

-Andrew Burks, Team 422 - Maggie Walker Mech-Techs

Im now at 180 but still not top score darn :wink: And about the human player when u unload balls on the one side of the field some times balls are throw back from the other.

Very impressive work. Lots of fun to play. It’d be awesome if you could add networking to play against other people with. Also I had a tough time telling when I was scoring and when I was not, maybe an indicator for being lined up?

High score was 177. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool and Highly Addicting so far I’ve only gotten 142 but I’m still trying.

i’ve gotten 191…still trying to break 200

The human players score sometimes.

191!! awesome

ya, they do score sometimes, but it veries. I made it so that on the second, and halfway through the second, it checks to see if the human players have any balls, if they do they throw it from one of 25 spots randomly, at 1 of 5 or 6 velocities. Its cool when they get it in your robot or the goal, because its almost like it was designed to be a smart AI. :cool:

of course, you could make it so it always aims at you or the goal perfectly, but theres no fun in that. i tried to make it about as acurate as our human players were :wink: