Online IDE for FRC

I am working on some tutorials for new members. Due to COVID-19 we are using Google Meet. I would like to run a programming session but some of the members have Chromebooks and can’t install VSCode.
Does anyone know of an online IDE that could work? I can teach Java fairly easily with some but want to access the libraries we use in FRC.

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You might pursue the preview Visual Studio Online.

I don’t know what roadblocks still are in place for developing through it, but it would be helpful to figure it out because of the students limited to Chromebooks mostly.


That looks fairly expensive

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My team (whose school gives them chromebooks) has been successful with code-server as an online vs-code ide. Downside is you have to host it yourself, but with the aws voucher you can have it run on an ec2 instance pretty easily.

Once you make a change, you can commit and push it your team’s Github, and pull it back down on the team’s programming laptop to push it on the robot.

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There is this great tool called Gitpod ( that’s free. It’s an online VSCode editor that you can easily launch from your GitHub repos


I noticed this, so leaving it here:

Here is a demo from Github on Codespaces:

Codespaces is the new name of VS Online and also a new Github offering (by invitation free beta right now). There is also some movement downward in price from Microsoft for the active cloud ide services which is nice to hear. It will be interesting to see if the pricing for Github’s ends up the same and if educational users have a better deal.