Online Learning?

A reminder to teams…

(1) The Virtual Kit of Parts provides a bunch of software resources, including Autodesk software, Altium Design, Driveworks and Wolfram Alpha.

(2) It also has access to SolidProfessor, a great series of training for SolidWorks

(3) Onshape has a great series of online tutorials

(4) Want to learn Java programming? Here is a list of great tutorials:

And that’s just a tiny scratch on the surface.

This forced isolation is a gift of time. Don’t waste it by sleeping in and binge watching shows on Netflix. When somebody asks you “What did you do during the forced isolation?” your answer should be something better than “watched every episode of Friends.”


Most people can’t afford a limelight, buuuuuttttt a fair number more can afford a
Rasp Pi - - -
16GB card - - -
Power Supply - - - around $57 for these four
micro hdmi - - - (edit: I’ve had students forget you can use this to hook the pi to almost any TV)
(Hopefully you already have a usb camera at home)

And some great online free resources like
Chameleon Vision

What’s awesome is that now you have the time to try both rather than waste your time gauging other peoples opinions


I value other peoples opinion on vision processing, but this is a good time to SEE the differences between the two and their personalities

Disclaimer Disclaimer

Only a chicken was hurt in the making of this post


Another online learning platform that I think a lot of students would like is TinkerCAD. I like to use it for arduino projects because of the built-in simulator.

It’s definitely a lot of fun and a great (free) way to get started when making at-home projects. Also, arduino stuff is affordable if you decide to take it a step further.

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Sharing videos that I created this past fall to “flip the classroom”. Not explicitly-robotics focused, but many related areas, especially bringing rookies up to speed. E.g. Onshape for non-CADers and Tinkercad…

Also, for those who want to try to help directly with engineering needs across the world, there’s two Slack groups that I’ve been observing:

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These are incredible! Thank you.

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