Online Metals Long Stock Shipping

Does anyone have any experience with how Online Metals packs and ships long 8 foot or greater lengths. I am slightly worried about it arriving damaged, especially long, thin walled stuff.

I ordered some 8 foot lengths for a recent project. They arrived in a sturdy cardboard round tube. The sort that you can’t deform without some serious force. No complaints with that! (And the shipping was remarkably fast to my neck of the woods)


They typically do a good job of packing in hard cardboard tubes or good cardboard boxes. I haven’t recieved anything from them that I would consider damaged or unusable (especially for something that is raw stock).


I used them last year when 2X1 was out of stock at VEX, and I’m all the way in Michigan and had no issues. Very sturdy packaging. All the metal came in great shape.

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We just received ~40 pcs of 2x1x.125" and ~40 pcs of 2x1x.0625" about a month ago. All 8’ lengths.

The .125" came in 6" round tubes, 10 per tube. The .0625" came in bundles of 10 with thick cardboard angles on the corners. No damage to anything that was shipped. Came via UPS.

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I’ve ordered long stock from them a number of times. The only damage was to some 1/2" aluminum hex stock, in that the ends were slightly mushroomed (not immediately obvious, but did not fit readily in 1/2" hubs, pulleys, or sockets). Cut a bit off each end, the rest was fine.

Edit: added parenthetical portion - and by a bit, I mean less than an inch

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We have always had a great experience with them, I can’t remember there ever being any damage to our items.