Online Part Inventory

What does your team or group use to inventory parts ?

I’ve searched around for tools:

  1. The brute force spreadsheet method like Excel or Google Docs (if you have one please share a copy)
  2. Fancy software Workshop Organizer Software , top 5 free tools

Any Tips or Suggestions ?

Thanks !

On our team we hardly ever fabricate parts in a shop. So we don’t have a need for this but I believe Cheesy Parts is an option that you might be looking for.
It looks to be web based and very well made (Like everything from the Cheesy Poofs). I would recommend you check it out.

Our team is planning to use CheesyParts with a few modifications (to make connections to drawings) for our next season.

Prior to moving to a web based solution, we used a physical binder that logged the fabrication state of each specific part and contained drawings for each part.