Online Season Retrospective

In the past we have had a meeting at the end of the season with the mentors, seniors, and team leads to discuss the season. Here are some ideas for doing a discussion online.

  • Setup threads for what went well, what didn’t go well, what to try next year. The rules for these threads are that you cannot discuss anyone else’s idea positive or negative. These are just the listing of ideas no shooting them down or defending your position.
  • After these threads have run for a while have votes on the thread ideas.
  • Then take the top vote getters from each thread and have discussion on action items for next year, how to correct the things that were bad, how to continue or improve the things that were good, how to implement the new things to try.

Any other ideas to make a good online retrospective?

This seems much more complicated than having the same meeting you usually do, but over video chat. Do you see advantages to running a set of text-based threads instead?

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I feel the text actually has some advantages

  1. Not everyone has to commit the same time block and be on at the same time.
  2. The ideas are recorded in the persons own words and you don’t need a record keeper.
  3. The delay in text based ideas reduces the negative verbal and body language reactions that can stifle brain storming.
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I do like the idea of some sort of chat/virtual meeting. I was thinking about asking one of our mentors about it. I found a couple of good video chat platforms, such as Zoom and Big Blue Button.

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I also feel video meetings have some advantages, mostly they seem to build a synergy faster.

Any other ideas for questions, prompts, or rules.

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