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Good day folks!

Here in Ontario students will be off for 3 weeks. Can anyone point me to some online Free STEM educational programs or sites? Ages 5 & 7 (7yr old soaks up STEM like a 10-12yr old).

We will be signing up for raspberry pi and we have a small robotics set. And we have several environmental and biology projects planned.

Please share ideas!

Thank you in advance!

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A coworker at another HS in my district is using Tetrix MAX with freshman. Its all arduino based. I think it could work with younger kids:

Then there is a whole bunch of levels from VEX:

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Scratch is a excellent beginning level coding for students who don’t have typing down yet. I linked you to the educator page. and Coding Bat are other resources that are probably too advanced for the average 5-7 year old, but your more advanced one might be interested if Scratch is too simplistic (though it shouldn’t be if you get into some of the harder things)

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This is good.
also onshape has some good self guided stuff.
Assuming kids have a computer and internet at home…

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You might checkout if there are any chemistry lessons here that would interest them:

There are ones for all ages, and they have unlocked all the resources to help teachers who are teaching chemistry remotely.

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