Online tech tutor

Does anyone know of a good website where one can learn about the many important aspects of things used on a robot? I’m looking for something I can use to learn from while not in robotics.


There’s actually a lot of good stuff on YouTube, surprisingly. You can find lots of videos on stuff like how differentials work and basic circuitry. I use YouTube to supplement my Calculus classes in college, so there’s plenty to learn in there.

You already found one… some forum called Chief Delphi. I hear the people there are pretty knowledgeable about this robotics thing. :p:rolleyes::smiley:

You just have to ask a question.

I’ll have to try it out! :smiley: While CD is a great place to learn, It’s not always questions in learning. Sometimes you’ve got to know what to ask questions about, before you start asking. For example, if I wanted to learn about pneumatics, I wouldn’t ask someone to explain every single bit of information about pneumatics, including how it works, uses for it, and all of the extra math and science that goes along with it, and I bet nobody would want to answer that. CD is more of the place you go once you know a bit of information, and you want to learn more. CD is like college. You don’t go there to learn. You go there to build upon what you have learned.

Thanks for the replies, though!

Could you post the links of some of the educational resources on youtube you know of?

Posting in this thread to watch it, I’ve been looking for some of this stuff as well.

I guess mileage will vary. I’ve heard that its a site filled with crazy people obsessed with Krispy Kreme and Mountain Dew. They just keep going on about a water game and flux capacitors. Just beware what you might be getting yourself into if you ask a question there.


Sometimes vendors have really good handbooks that they put out as part of their catalogs. The Boston Gear Manual is an example that I came across this summer for the first time. Just now I Googled “pneumatics handbook” and found what seems to be a nice pneumatics manual on the first hit.

You will find many good resources here.