Online Window help!

For some reason the online window doesn’t seem to work. We were able to download our program onto the controller, however when we tried using the online window to change the motor speed the motor refused to move. Attached are some pictures of the the circuit board. The contoller was sucessfully connected and code was able to be tranferred to the bot. We are thinking the problem is w. the hardware ande the PWM cables.

Darn rookies :smiley: ! You need to tether the OI to the RC (9pin red cable) the robot won’t run and is disabled if it’s not tethered or communicating via radio.

wowww we sat there for an hour toiling and wondering about what was going wrong with out electronics…
told you it wasn’t my bad connections!

now we have another problem! The online window woks fine but when we plugin our contollers and load our program (the one off the tutorials for basic operator control) the joystics fail to move the motors! Any suggestions?

Do you have the commands in a while 1 loop?

yeah :frowning:

Zip up your code and post it.

We figured it out. We never pressed the build and download. Were nubs.