Only 1 Animation submitted in the Palmetto Regional?

According to FIRSTbase only one team is entered in the Palmetto Regional AVA - Team 837, The Webbinators. I guess they win by default!

I wonder if more tried to enter but were disqualified because they didn’t follow all the rules? Or, like us, they chose to enter in another Regional AVA?

that does sound odd. someone on my team said that a team could enter at more than one regional. but i dont no for sure since i had nothing to do with our animation except the credits.

LA Regional just had 6 submissions and we were actually all supposed to vote online. However, they gathered animation representatives from each of the 6 teams in one room and had us watch the animations before voting. I’m pretty sure silicon valley will have more submissions.

As far as I know, we were only able to submit to one regional.

yeah, unfortunartly we are. The same thing happened at one of my reigonals :frowning: There were 9 at the first one and only mine at the second one.

this may be a stupid question but, does anyone have the link to the firstbase? ive been looking for it and for some odd reason im not able to find it

Easy enough :stuck_out_tongue:

The rules state the Regional judging will be done by student animators at the competition. National judging will be done online by ALL students, after Autodesk selects the top 5.