Only 261 days to go!!!

Posted by Dave Lavery at 04/19/2001 10:04 AM EST

Engineer on team #116, Epsilon Delta, from Herndon High School and NASA Headquarters.

OK guys, it has been two full weeks now since day one of the 2001 national competition finals in Orlando. Time to put a stake through the heart of this one, declare it done and over, and start getting ready for next year.

As of today, the 2002 FIRST National Competition kick-off meeting is only 261 days away!!! If you haven’t started building your prototypes yet, then you are already behind schedule!!!

(tounge planted firmly in cheek)

Posted by Justin at 04/19/2001 10:18 AM EST

Alumni on team #146, Blue Lightning, from none and The Blue Lightning Alumni Association.

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Posted by Dave Lavery on 04/19/2001 10:04 AM EST:


With all of the summer competitions FIRST 2001 is far from dead and over with. The Summer season is by far one of my favorite times of the FIRST year. I can’t wait for them all and to see all of my FIRST friends again. I suspect we will see some great things coming out of the BattleCry camp as well as the shameless plug River Rage (oldest post-season comp.) folks this year!!! I look forward to them all.

Speaking of Summer Comps…anyone thing 710 will be broken at one??? The theory I have is that teams will be even more honed during the summer season and might shave some seconds off that time…just a theory.



Posted by P.J. Baker at 04/19/2001 11:02 AM EST

Engineer on team #177, Bobcat Robotics, from South Windsor High School and International Fuel Cells.

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Posted by Justin on 04/19/2001 10:18 AM EST:

With a stretcher pulling big ball machine, I believe that 800pts. is possible. Given a couple of shots at it,I think that the following alliance could do it:

126: Goal puller with bridge resetting capability
177: Limbo big ball machine capable of balancing 2 goals from off the bridge a la Beatty
175: Big Ball and stretcher capability. Could also balance the goals if it would be faster to have the Bobcat handle both big balls
190: “Kid” package would make the stretcher task easier

Hopefully, all of these teams will be at BattleCry and we’ll get a shot at it. Am I way off base here? What other alliances do you think could do it?

P.J. Baker
Team #177

Posted by Kate T190 at 04/19/2001 11:15 AM EST

College Student on team #190, Gompei, from Mass Academy of Math and Science and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Posted by P.J. Baker on 04/19/2001 11:02 AM EST:

I’m pretty sure all those teams were at the competition last year, so they’ll be invited back for this year’s competition… The only thing with that is we’re pretty sure we’re going to be doing 2v2 so it won’t necessarily be able to happen… Cause I think there’s going to be a bit of modification to the field as well… But I’ll pass along to others to see if we can make arrangements to try to break 710… :slight_smile: