Only At the IRI

The IRI offers some unique experiences and event - so add to this thread.

Only at the IRI –

Can you see six keepers scored in autonomous …:eek:

Only at IRI…

Could I meet all the great people I’ve heard about and talked to on CD.

Could you see what is in your own opinion THE 6 best robots in existence face off in a semifinals match (233, 71, 1902 vs. 111, 1114, 2056).

Only at the 2007 IRI…

Could you watch teams leave to get their award and see about 8 Harry Potter books left in their wake.

Only at the IRI…
Do they put people with no voice left in charge of blue queuing.

Do you see a team attempt to score two rings in autonomous… (Foley Freeze 910)

P.S. Someone needs to record Foley’s auton’s at MARC to see if they get it.

Only at the IRI…

You don’t get approval for a new IRI tradition but at the same time you get told, “I never said you are not allowed to do it.”

Only at the IRI…
can the small/inexperienced/new teams directly compete with and against the absolute behemoths of the FIRST world.

Only in IRI…

Can 1024 try new drivers… :yikes:

Or do you see Andy reffing on field… :slight_smile:

Or a guy walking around in a barrel… :ahh:


Only at the IRI can you see the dancing fish boy

Only at IRI can you see a guy surran rapped as a practical joke by people on CD.

You might see Fish Boy at the St. Louis Regional, also.:wink: (It’s 1094’s home event.)

Only at the IRI will you see 148 drafted 19th. Actually, only at the IRI will you see any team drafted 19th, until FIRST adopts the three-round draft. But even then, I doubt we will see 148 drafted 19th again.

Only at the IRI will you see DS&KB perform a song with the advice “pick 67 or 469”, and then see an AC (48) actually follow that advice, by picking both.

You saw that, too??

No comment for this thread on that last one.

Only at IRI can you have awesome VEX comptetions durring what ever free tiem you have:D Man, those were fun.

Only at the IRI…

Do you see a quarterfinal matchup better than almost any ever played in the Championship Finals on Einstein (111, 1114, 2056 vs 968, 330, 910).

I think that our team was the one that left all of the books behind. I was reading one myself.

Do you see elimination alliances that would walk thru any regional bracket and say, “They might make the semi-final with some luck.”

Do you get alliances with 5 appearances on Einstien it 2 years.

Do you get 2 alliances with 3 2007 division champs each knocked out before the finals.

Sung to Cowbell Steve’s “rhythm”…:slight_smile:

“We got…'em, (got 'em) We…got… 'em!
We…got the…teams that we…called
We got 'em…, (got…'em) We…got 'em!
For a good…team, for…a good team…callllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll”

Only at IRI…

You drive around with an apple pie on top of your car for a mile before you realize it. (good job Pat) =)

Only at the IRI…

Can you make up a 15 minute deficit in 7 matches.

only at IRI…

can you meet such wonderful people and make a fool of your self in the talent show.(orange man group rocked the house)