Only At the IRI

Only at IRI…

you need 4 gatorades with added sugar :yikes:

can you fix a robot between matches on 1.5 hours of sleep

do you get to play hacky-sac with a bottle and no one yells at you (although we probably made a few people angry)

And then lose it again when there’s a field-fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

And only at IRI can a queuer from NJ work side-by-side with a ref from MI and a field resetter from FL.

only at IRI…

can u find a guy(me) who can embarass sean lavery and have dave lavery go into the fetal position under a table…

…can u find 6 or 7 ppl use pictochat on the DS

…can you laugh while your friend scares a kid on the DS chat by saying ‘im behind you’, and the kid actually looks around.

Only at the IRI…could you enter the competition not knowing if you’d ever be able to speak with former friends only to exit having discovered the magic needed to repair old wounds. :wink:

…can you set up what basically amounted to a small practice field for everyone to use.

Respect is something we see quite often and almost take for granted in FIRST. Yet rising up beyond the excellence, the fun, and all out effort (and maybe because of it) the respect shown to/between participants, referees, volunteers, friends, supporters, really, really impressed me.

One obvious example - Andy Baker and his reffing crew’s super-human efforts to get the calls right. Now that’s respect.

Only at IRI can you score your fantasy FIRST league between matches and simply turn around and watch from the balcony when the match begins

Only at IRI…

… can you see a Championship Event winner left on the bench in the quarterfinals
… can the Cheesy Poofs be the 7th pick of a draft
… can 469 be the 14th selection
… can a two time regional champ (2056) be the 12th selection
… can a utterly dominant scorer (148) be the 19th selection
… can you see the rack be filled within the first minute of a match

Only at I.R.I., you get the best doughnuts for FREE!!
Only at IRI can you find a use for a zip tie at the restaurant…

Only at IRI can you compete in the same gym where two top 10 draft picks (including the number one pick in the draft) ruled the American high school basketball for years and hardly anyone even gives that a second thought.

Only at IRI…

…Can an 11 year team (27) place 72nd (out of 72) and not get picked
…Can you weigh 5 extra pounds, and still wanna add things to your robot
…Can you walk into Denny’s and say “Table for 15 please”
…Can you NOT get paired with that one team over and over again…(Thanks to the mentor from 33 who figured that out)
…Can you lose miserably but not care because you had so much fun

Can you come to play against the top-notch teams of FIRST with:

  1. your left-handed driver using his right hand (he broke his wrist twice on skateboard),

  2. a first-time arm operator,

  3. a first-time human player, and

  4. a redesigned (and untested) set of ramps.

Then, basically get your b*tt kicked in most of your matches, but still…


Yes, our team had a blast - and we want to come back!

Is there an “AFTER” picture?:ahh:

…Can you pick your FantasyFIRST teams and then not care how well they’re doing because you’re having so much fun!

Guilty :smiley: