Only Default DriverStation Works

So only the “default” setting in my DriverStation opens or works. SmartDashboard doesn’t even open, and neither does anything else. I’m running JRE 1.8_162 and my JDK is 1.8_1## but I don’t think that matters. I would really prefer to use ShuffleBoard for our robot this year, but it doesn’t seem to open. I found their update repo, from which I downloaded the latest version (1.3.1 or something like that). This time, the ShuffleBoard loading screen opens for about a tenth of a second before supposedly crashing. Anyone know how I can solve this issue? Keep in mind that I’m using Windows 10 with 16gb Ram, and a core i7 6700HQ. No clue why no Dashboards work and I’ve tried reinstalling my JRE a couple of times but to no avail. I could provide a video with an explanation of what everything looks like if any of you would like to see. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Try running shuffleboard from the command line.

> cd path/to/wpilib/tools
> java -jar shuffleboard.jar

You should see a stacktrace with the exception once Shuffleboard crashes. You might see something that is helpful to you (e.g. “your java version is incorrect”), or you might see something that means there’s a bug in Shuffleboard, in which case you can file a bug (or search for an open matching bug) here on GitHub.

Hmm, interesting. This worked, without any errors. Do you know why it won’t open on click, or through DriverStation? Would I have to give it special permissions?

That is odd. You shouldn’t have to give it special permissions, though you could try running the DS software with admin rights just to see if that works.

You don’t have any other versions of Java installed, do you?

I do have another java version installed in my Program Files(x86), but it’s also a version of JRE 1.8_1##. This shouldn’t be an issue, I think. I’ll try uninstalling it for testing sake.

Okay, running as administrator did the trick. Not sure why this was an issue, because DS asks for permission to modify the system either way. Thanks for your help though! Kudos!

I also, deleted JDK 9.0… I have NO idea why this was an issue, since it’s not a JRE… Either way, it worked, so if anyone is experiencing the same issue, make sure you don’t have anything to do with Java 9 on your PC, not even the JDK :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised if JDK 9 was the one your JAVA_HOME environment variable was pointing at, which is why it failed. Not sure why it would work fine CLI, but not through the DS though. That will remain a mystery to me