OnShape AM14U3 Chassis

Is anyone else using OnShape with the KoP chassis this year? I couldn’t find a preassembled version of the AM14U3 kit chassis. I found this link of the drive base kit but it looks like it needs to be assembled, it would certainly save some time and effort to have a preassembled one if anyone had one!

Any other tips for getting up and started using OnShape?

Try importing a .step file of the chassis into onshape, then save it and it will be in onshape’s format

Not sure how your team has progressed, but Onshape has resources on FRC since one of the employees is an FRC alum.

Our team/school uses it extensively, so please let me know if you’ve run into any issues.

Those are great links Justin!
I’m just starting. Have only watched the overview videos.
So far the videos are clear and very understandable.
Looking forward to trying out Onshape.

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