Onshape Apps

Hi, my name is Mikey from 1836, and I was wondering what Onshape app add ons teams use, what they like about them, and if they recommend any for us to try. Thank you in advance for your help.

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We don’t really use any apps, but use a few featurescripts, including belt, chain path, fix pcb(simplifies a model) and lighten


Link Tab is useful for integrating google docs/sheets. I created some robot calculators to integrate. I also figured out how to integrate our cheesy parts server. You have to enable iframes to get it to work (and use https). I used letsencrypt for that.


The two featurescripts we use most are the custom length extrusion and extrusion grid. You can find these by searching “extrusion featurescript -FRC 1745”. These two allow you to create a tube or hex shaft or hex spacers etc with only two clicks and a dimension. The workflow revolutionized our robot design. We also use lighten, chain path generator and belt.


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