Onshape bellypan generator

I made a bellypan generator in onshape. It’s pretty quick to setup and regens in 1-2s usually. There’s still some manual that needs to be done like the hole patterns and cutouts for gearboxes, mounting holes for electronics, etc. but the repetitive part of the bellypan has been automated.


Love it.

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Very nice. I would say it would be nice to be able to adjust the offset width around the edges that doesn’t get lightened for those of us who don’t use 1" wide tubing. But even without that it’s a big time saver


Yes please!

Now that I think about it, even better would be if you could make a featurescript that takes a sketch rectangle and adds the lightening pattern on the whole area of a part inside that rectangle. That way you can extrude the bellypan from existing geometry and it will update if that geometry changes, and you can define the non-lightened offset yourself. I don’t know much about making featurescripts to know if that’s more difficult that what you have now

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I’ve played with auto-lightening featurescripts a lot and the issue you’ll run into is that it’s very slow. A configurable part leverages Onshape’s geometry engine much better and so will be orders of magnitude faster than a featurescript that does the same thing.


Done. It’s in the variable called ‘Outer Offset’.


There is a featurescript in the “Julia"s Featurescripts” group for auto-generating isogrid patterns. You can choose for it to affect an entire surface or just a sketch (like a rectangle). It takes a little bit of time to work but works well. You can find it if you search for “Julia’s Featurescripts” when you go to add them.

I don’t think it’ll work for the bellypan I want to generate. I keep getting this weird error


I have a few questions regarding your photo.

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Did you try closing and opening your onshape tab? Try closing your other tabs too, they probably won’t get you anywhere.


Idk if this could help but try signing in. I hear dark mode resolves a bunch of errors too.


In all seriousness, this is an awesome tool! I might use this if we ever get back to making robots!

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Well not exactly related to the cool generator you made but how do you access your belly pan physically? I didn’t find a way to make the belly pan easily accesible.