Onshape: Configurable GreyT Elevator

As a senior who now has a newfound abundance of free time and a desire to keep on that cad grind and still learn new things, I decided it was time for me to learn how to make configurable part studios and assemblies in Onshape. After a few weeks of watching videos and messing around, I managed to have a final product I was happy with.

Introducing The Configurable Greyt Elevator Assembly!

You should be able to insert this assembly into your own documents by searching “Greyt elevator - configurable” on public, or creating a copy and inserting it that way. The elevator assembly has all mates needed including sliders for stage travel.

This assembly has the main features I thought I would like to Customize if my team were to use the Greyt elevator.
Currently, the elevator uses exclusively Versaframe for all the 2x1 box tubing, you can change the tube thickness independently for each stage.

Height ranges from 20.325"-70.325" in 1-inch increments.

Width ranges from 14"-30" in 1-inch increments.

Carriage Height ranges from 9"-14" in 1-inch increments.

The final addition I had was the ability to select the location of the rope for moving the carriage
You are able to select from dead center, far right, far left, and both right and left
(please note that having both requires the elevator to be at least 17"-18" wide or funky things happen)

Plans for the future

In the future, I hope to be able to add customization for the powering of the elevator( motor type, number of motors, etc).
I also hope to add the physical chain and rope runs needed for operation and clearances.

I currently have no plans to allow non-versaframe tubing or multiple stages.

If you notice any brakes in the assembly, please let me know and I will try to get them sorted out.
Also please let me know if there’s any other additions you’d like made!


Also, please keep in mind this is not a small assembly by any means, it will take some time to generate when inserting(my tests have shown 1-3 minutes)
reconfiguration should take a bit less but still a noticeable chunk of time. it tends to update a single part of the configuration at a time, so it may be better to only reconfigure 1 aspect at a time.

I was on a team that used the design of the GREYT elevator, and this doesn’t look quite the same. All of the brackets look different, unless there was an update to the design since 103 used it in 2019.

Is this your own take on the design?

Edit: Btw, this looks great! Wish the height wasn’t limited to 1" increment, but that should be a pretty easy thing to change.

The elevator was updated before the 2020 season (and GreyTly improved).


That makes a lot of sense. I must have missed the update, but looks like some solid improvements at first glance.

They listed a V2 version sometime before 2020, this elevator uses that v2 version. they seem to be listed on different product pages as of now (v1 vs v2)

The elevator height is limited to 1in increments due to it being constructed of versa frame and how construction/ match drilling seems to be intended. another reason it’s limited to 1in increments is onshape did not let me create an assembly config variable that could control a part studio config variable. this means creating increments smaller than 1in would grow the length of the tables needed significantly. if I am able to allow an assembly variable to affect a part studio variable, I am open to making a custom height one in the future
(if you want custom height, you should be able to insert my part studio to whatever height/ other dimensions you want and then insert all the other GreyT parts and mate it your self.)

I tried to limit my own modifications to the design as much as possible, keeping it as close to stock as I could, the only one that got through was the option for right and left string placement combined, the rest should be exactly stock

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I finally got around to putting this elevator on an actual robot and found another part I thought would be good to configure.

The ability to increase the width of the base of the elevator to better suit whatever platform it’s getting mounted to.
You can now add 0-10 inches to the length of the base, which is be added symmetrically.

The assembly should now be updated to reflect said changes.


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