Onshape Education Enterprise

I’m wondering if anyone else is using the new-ish Onshape Education Enterprise plan for your school. We are, and I’m still getting acquainted with the administrative features and analytics. It’s free for now, and I think $1,000 /yr thereafter. Anyone else using it?

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Yep. There are some weird eccentricities to it when it comes to using publicly available OnShape documents and the permissions setup requires some patience.

However, the versioning and release pipeline is good stuff and it helps solve a problem for us and it would easily be worth the money.


I had a rep reach out a few months ago to share a bit about it, and we decided against it for a few reasons:

  • It is free for one year only, and we intend to use it for many years to come. If a free education account no longer exists at some point in the future we will figure out what to do then.
  • The analytics aren’t particularly useful for a CAD team of 2-5 people.
  • The permissions and such are also a non-issue on such a small team. Anyone can already access the model as we make it public, and only those on the team with edit access can edit.

In whole, there are certainly some nice features, I’m just not sure they are well suited for such a small team when the free version has all the capabilities that are needed.

On the contrary, if a school were to buy into the edu enterprise for all students and the robotics team used it for their projects that would be a no-brainer.

It’s really cool when your students are spread throughout the entire state though:


@marshall I am interested in learning more about how you have your permissions set up. I’m still trying to understand the inter-relatedness between projects, teams, and permission schemes.

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I am using the education enterprise version and loving it. The enterprise version didn’t have access to public documents but it appears they listened as we now have access. We can use mkcad again! I use it for my courses as well as the robotics team so will have around 200 students on it. I am forwarding them my budget info as the price is too much for me in the future. Hoping they can charge based on number of users as the pricing is based on 500 students. I am happy to pay a fair amount as we won’t have great software if it isn’t financially viable for companies to produce it.
The biggest benefit is for teaching - I can access student work easily and the analytics makes it easy to explain to parents what their child is doing (or not doing).
I use teams to keep groups organized.

Sweet! I didn’t notice this. That is excellent.

This is great for mentoring too. You can see who is struggling on things and reach out to them.