OnShape Feature for MAXSpline

Has anyone taken the time to develop a REV ION extrusion tool for OnShape yet? Trying to decide if I should just learn how to make this one myself.

I love Julia’s tube converter, and I imagine an ION implementation would look very similar. The only key thing missing is a robust way to make sure the MAXSpline profiles will always stay where you want them. Using a sketch point or line to constrain the center of the profile would be nice, but don’t know enough backend details to tell if that’s feasible.

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Seems like if someone wanted to sketch out the geometry, you could use it both to cut away from a tube wall (to make the MAX Pattern tube) or “thin extrude” the sketch to get MAXSpline shaft. So just having a sketch with the MAXSpline that can be derived into different documents would be useful. I don’t have the bandwidth to make it myself now though.

Also if your team is standardizing on the MAXTube, that might be a good use case for Onshape’s pipe features. I haven’t seen any FRC teams that have used the feature yet, but that’s probably because most teams just use rectangular tubing and already have a good workflow for it.

Rev has its own onshape generators that you can see on the product pages for the tubing


The downside is that these are separate parts that need to be imported and mated individually. A featurescript could just generate all the geometry in your part studio from a recatgular prism of the correct outer dimensions, like Julia’s does.

I’ll do one tonight if nobody else has yet.


zoop: Onshape
Will probably clean up a bit and add some more features in the next couple days.

Edit: I just re-read the post and realized you were asking for an extrusion tool, my bad. I’ve been planning to add this to Tube Converter for a bit now but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll see what I can do in the next couple days, but it’s different enough of a part that it takes some doing.


I will add this profile to the Custom Length Extrusion FS when I have time, but that won’t be until later this summer.


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