Onshape Finding Robot’s Center of mass

Hi everybody, so we are basically struggling to find the estimate center of mass of our robot in onshape because of the fact that there is no material assigned to motors, chassis or other equipment which make them weightless when calculating. If there are any teams that calculated center of mass in onshape, can you give us some advice on how to do it ? Thanks.

For parts like the chassis and frame, you’re gonna need to assign them a material if you want an accurate center of mass.

For components like motors, I would use the ‘Override Mass’ box. Just look up how much they weigh from the vendor, and manually set the mass in Mass Properties.

If you’re just looking for a rough idea of where the COM is gonna be, it’s pretty safe to leave out small pieces like fasteners and sensors - just don’t select them when you calculate the Mass Properties.


It’s a little late to change your entire CAD now, but in the future if you add cots items using the MKCAD app, all masses are included. This goes for configurable parts like REV MAX tubing, hex shafts, etc.

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Here is the link that will show you where to look:

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