Onshape for FRC 101 - Virtual Course Interest Form

We all seem to have a lot of time on our hands coming up, so I figure it’d be a good time to teach some CAD. I’m looking at running an introductory course for Onshape in FRC designed for folks new to CAD or Onshape. Would probably be run over Zoom or similar over the next month or two.

Interest Form Here

Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in!


Very weird I missed this a month ago. Hoping I might still be able to join. I put in the form.


We ran for 6 sessions and wrapped up what I felt to be an Onshape 101 course. I haven’t checked the form since we got started and now see a couple new signups, but if there’s interest in a second round of the same content I am happy to host it!

When you run these, do you record them for people to come back and watch afterwards?

I recorded them and have distributed internally. I’m not comfortable distributing the Zoom recordings publicly because they include videos and recordings of folks. I also to plan to record cleaner versions at some point for public use, but honestly there’s a lot of overlap with the content in the Onshape learning center so I don’t see much urgency. If students are content with simple videos, they’re probably better off looking at professional resources from the Onshape Learning Center. What makes this FRC-specific is the course model and working with mentors to learn and improve in the same FIRST design language and design goals.

If I’m not correct, onshape has already done a couple of FRC webinars. There was a recent post about it.

We’re doing one tonight!

More info about it here: Onshape Webinar Tonight - Migrating Your Team from Another CAD System

I’ve gotten a couple of requests to do another wave of my Onshape for FRC 101 Remote course. If you’re interested in joining, hop in our Slack here and join the channel titled “section2” for information and Zoom links regarding our second round of classes! This series went really well the first time and I look forward to teaching it again (having learned a few lessons of my own). Looking forward to starting the next cycle of classes!


Round 3 starts next week. Tune in here.


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To anyone considering this course- absolutely go for it!

I took part in Marcus’ second round of OnShape for FRC 101 and learned a lot. I’ll be encouraging my students to take part in this course and will be using Marcus as inspiration for 401 off-season training too.

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