Onshape groove in hex stock

What is the easiest way to “cut” a groove in hex stock in onshape? We use e clips that need a .396 in diameter groove that is 0.046 in wide and have been having trouble easily making the groove in onshape. Anyone have any advice?

Use the revolve tool. You can make a sketch like the one attached and select the “Remove” option instead of “Add” or “New”.

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1836 has an MKcad shaft generator featurescript! Saves us a ton of time and is public.


Have they fixed the part where it doesn’t work in various orientations? That was what killed it for me. Personally I tend to use @dydx’s script since my team hasn’t used snap rings since 2016 or so.

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We use the custom length extrusion featurescript for most of our parts

I use it a lot, never had a problem. Sometimes it gets finicky with sketching on, and modifying shafts made by the generator.

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