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So I’ve recently been trying to learn Onshape (coming from Solidworks), and I’ve run into an issue.

I am trying to create a point in a sketch on the labeled intersection, but Onshape seems to only allow for automatic snapping with entities in the current sketch and the origin. I could place this point by determining its position relative to the origin through a sketch or something but I feel like there has to be a better solution than that. Any help is appreciated.

I believe Onshape will let you snap to anything that defines the current sketch plane (if you sketch on the surface of a 2x1, for example, you should be able to snap to any 2x1s in the same plane).

For what you’re doing, you probably want to “Use” the two curves whose intersection point you want to snap to. This is equivalent to Solidworks’ “Project Entities.” If you click on an edge, you can right click and select “Use” to project that edge into your current sketch plane. The only times this won’t work is if the edge is perpendicular to your current sketch plane (that is, the edge would project to a point).

You can then mark your projected curves as construction lines if all you care about is your intersection point.

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Agreed on this solution. Rotate your model so that you can see a point you’d want this point to be coincident with, select it, and make a coincident constraint. You might need the use operation but I doubt it. Another option is to make the point coincident with/horizontal to both of the edges and it’ll find the intersection. Go into a 3d view and use constraints as you’d expect.

Thank you!

Thank you all for the help!

Another question/issue.

I am trying to do a lofted cut between these two highlighted profiles, but I am getting errors that it cannot create a valid part. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

(Haven’t used lofts in onshape yet but in most parametric CAD…) you’re best served by making sure that the two sketch profiles are single closed loops. The upper sketch does not appear to be as such.

I’m pretty sure they are both closed loops. The top profile is just a combination of smaller closed profiles, but whole profile should be closed.

Just got it to work somehow, and I honestly don’t know how I did it. I just tried the exact same thing over and over again until it worked. Welp.

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