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I need help making these in OnShape if you have the time to help me make it or already know how to share your documents with me cmax1857@lps53.org . It would be greatly apreciated!!

I’ve got a few thoughts on how I might accomplish each solid shape.

Can you describe specifically where you’re stuck at? Maybe pick one of the problems and walk through what you believe you understand, and where your current barrier is at?


dimensions? units?

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I need help with 4,13, and 12

The dimensions are 1cm per 4 squares

Sure. So let’s start with 4.

For something big and blocky like that, my general strategy is to extrude the bounding box, then do more extrudes to subtract the unneded material (similar how it might get made on a mill, where you cut/mill a chunk of billet to the correct size, then remove material).

So, as long as the assignment will allow it and that process makes sense, start with that. What’s the max dimensions of the whole shape? How would you sketch and extrude to make that shape?


I can’t claim my way is best practice, definitely won’t. However, I am being purposeful here - the goal is to get you to break down the complex-looking shape into multiple smaller component shapes, which in turn can be expressed via standard extrusion operations.


Tagging on to @gerthworm’s suggestion, there are a lot of ways to approach this that will yield an identical shape in the end. A huge part of learning CAD is finding which method accomplishes the end goal efficiently, cleanly, and communicates your intentions clearly (such as structuring the features to follow manufacturing steps).

That being said, I don’t fully know the intentions of this assignment or if this is the proper approach for your scenario, but each figure can be made with 2 sketches and 2 extrudes.


As @gerthworm suggested, imagine an outline and then add or subtract from it. It would be best to consider which plane to start from to minimize the number of additions and subtractions you need.

From memory, OnShape allows one to control how far an extrusion will go. This may be useful creating some of the shapes you have shown.

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Indeed. “Blind” is their nomenclature for “go some hardcoded X distance through whatever”.


It sounds like you’re very new to Onshape and CAD in general, which is perfectly fine. You should know that Onshape has many helpful tutorials in their learning portal. I would encourage you to start here:
There are also several other videos and exercises in that lesson which can probably help you figure out how to go about modeling your parts.


Took me a moment, but can confirm this is true. Maybe not the best practice for some, but good for the practice.

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I see a way to do it with two sketches and two extrudes (no fillet), if one of the extrudes is dual sided (which onshape considers a single extrude).

As for the original topic, I would be happy to help if you gave me specific problems or questions you have. I think straight up handing you the answers by sharing a doc would defeat the purpose of the assignment. This is the type of learning that you have to struggle with in order to actually learn to CAD parts. That being said, I’m happy to help if you give specific questions.

edit: others have pointed out that you can do it with two normal extrudes.


Yeah I overlooked a simple solution that doesn’t even need a two direction extrusion, guess I just didn’t think hard enough.

You can do it with two normal extrudes, fairly easily.


2 blind extrudes will do it…

Edit: double sniped.

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So could someone help me with step by step solution because I am still working on this

I need to know how to build it is there any way you could show me on discord

See my answer, I gave you two first steps.

  1. What are the maximum dimensions of the overall shape?
  2. How would you sketch and extrude a volume of those dimensions?

This one’s on you now: I’m happy to help dig further into any step, but you gotta say where you’re getting stuck.


We are generally happy to give help.

We are generally not fans of doing someone else’s homework for them.

If you’re getting stuck on a specific part, ask specifically about that part.

Are you having trouble figuring out how to extrude?