Onshape import of Field and Team Elements

Today we imported the full field 2020 Infinite Recharge field. Also imported the CAD models for the team build “plywood” elements.


Does all of the field CAD match up with the team CAD, or are there differences?

Thank you so very much! A real time saver.

Ulf, 177

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Thank you for doing this!

Much like last year, I took the CAD and made a stripped-down version that should load faster. No warranties on anything, but knowing our Chromebook crowd this is very necessary. :slight_smile:



Thank you all for doing this. It is incredibly valuable to be able to use field elements in Onshape. We just started using OnShape last week, so this is a bit rough. We wanted a moving version of the Shield Generator Switch, and rather than ask for one, I decided to make one. I still do not know how to start it at 0 with negative and positive limits, and also how to make it move based on gravity and mass rather than regular animation, but if anyone is interested, here it is.
Mr. R^2

Would you be able to enable exportation of the file-looks like it is currently disabled.

It looks like you cleaned it up by removing all the little nuts and bolts. Do you know how to further reduce the poly count by remove all the holes that are now empty?

Done. It’s public now. (It was late last night, after our 7-team Quick Build event, my girlfriend was here, and I was bound to miss something.)

I’m sure one could edit the imported parts to delete the holes. But there are 471 unique parts in the import (ignoring any ones I nuked), and to keep it real I just can’t be bothered to lightweight it further as we have a robot to build. But you should be able to export my copy if you’ve got some urgent need to do so. :slight_smile:


Alright, alright, maybe I could be bothered to do a half field version.


Left the center structure untouched, but the blue alliance’s wall and trench run are there. Which, oddly, helps me visualize the routes better.

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