Onshape Live 21 Recap - Upcoming Onshape Feature Sneak Peek!

Onshape Live 21 was today; I decided to attend and see what was going on. I also took the opportunity to take some notes during the event. Below is the condensed version; you can find my full unedited notes here.

Upcoming Features Sneak Peek:
Beam FeatureScript improvements

  • Adding weldments, cut lists, and drawing support
  • Breaking it into several unique features
  • Making it easier to create and use custom profile libraries

ECAD integration

  • Export it into a separate ECAD document environment, add electronics components, and then export it back
  • Add custom library components and mappings to represent components
  • Supports simplified component representations

Force and Analysis Simulations

  • Add forces directly inside assemblies
  • Simulations can then be done using the mates already defined
  • Adjust color mapping, visualize displacement, etc.

Custom Computed Properties

  • Adding support for computing properties using FeatureScript
  • Can compute things such as Mass, Volume, etc.
  • Computed Properties are also applied in the Bill of Materials

Cross Hatch Editing in Drawings

  • Adjust color, angle, thickness, etc. of cross hatching in section views

Rendering Integration

  • Native rendering support inside Onshape

    Note that it sounded like Rendering, Simulations, and ECAD would be integrated into Onshape and would presumably be available for free, but no specific guarantees were made, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Onshape Modeling and Drafting Tips 'N Tricks
I also attended a session on modeling tips and tricks. A lot of super helpful things were covered; I would encourage you to check out my full notes if you’re interested in getting better at using Onshape.


They better get @marcusbernstein as a guest speaker at the next one.


I would say it’s worth mentioning that the rendering advances and demo they did was of the existing RealityServer app, though they did mention that they’d try to more tightly integrate it in the future.

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Ah, that makes sense. It does seem like Onshape acquired Migenius (the company behind RealityServer) with the specific intent of integrating their product with Onshape directly, which makes sense considering that rendering capability is probably something which Onshape would like to offer out of the box. The ECAD integration is also probably in that same boat, where they acquired another app company with the specific goal of integrating their product out of the box.

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My reaction as I read:

:grinning: Fully integrated, native rendering. Yes!
:thinking: It looks a lot like RealityServer.
:confused: It is RealityServer.

I suppose it’s better than nothing, but if they don’t majorly overhaul the tool to make it more usable, I’m gonna be :angry:.

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Yeah I really wanted to see rendering with a similar quality of UX as the rest of Onshape. Like, the Simulation stuff they showed was the kind of simplicity and ease of use I really wanted to see out of integrated rendering.

The simulation features I’m assuming is with Simscale?

I used them a while back, but it was quite a learning curve even as an engineer.

They didn’t mention a specific acquisition associated with the simulations like they did with ECAD and Rendering (ECAD:MCAD and Migenius, respectively). The demo also showed simulations existing as an additional set of options in the assembly toolbar and as an additional panel on the right side of the screen (similar to the assembly configuration panel), so the impression I had was that simulations were being developed in-house as an additional set of options inside assemblies, rather than simply a port of an existing app like the other stuff. Obviously, this only a preview and is subject to change, but the approach they demoed seemed very solid and intuitive to me.

After losing sim in Fusion 360, this would be a very nice add to Onshape

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