OnShape - Mating hex bearing to Thunderhex

I’m trying to mate a hex bearing to a Thunderhex shaft so it slides along the shaft. Using a Slider mate, and I can get it to slide in the right direction, but the shaft doesn’t line up in the bearing

How do I make this mate?

I would select the mate connectors of the center circle of the hex and one of the bearing circles.



I’ll second what cadandcookies said. Here is what I did to get there:

First, I opened up a new part studio and used a shaft generator to generate a 1/2in ThunderHex shaft that was 5inches long. Then, I went into the assembly, imported the shaft, grabbed the MK Cad 1/2in hex flanged bearing. Then, I selected slider mate, selected the mate connector for the center of the front face of the shaft, and then selected the mate connector for the innermost circle of the bearing, so it would be in the center of the bearing. I rotated it once so the bearing would fit properly


my jank solution would be to planar the side of the shaft to the side of the bearing, limit motion on the necissary axis and rotation, and offset by half the distance of the between opposite side of the shaft to the opposite side of the bearing. idk if that made any sense but GL.

The great thing about Onshape is that one mate will do 90% of the time. In this case if you wanted the shaft to slide, you could use the Slider mate. If you didn’t want the shaft to slide, you can use a Fastened mate, possibly with an offset.


Thanks Andrew and mdurrani834, that is exactly what I needed.

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