Onshape Model of WCP CC 2022?

Has anyone successfully imported the WCP CC model into Onshape? When I attempted it yesterday I got the notification " 2022_WCP_CC.STEP was translated with errors. Parts with faults have been imported." Some of the Assemblies look fine, but some don’t and just look like the attached picture. Looking at the parts list in the bad assemblies, some parts say that they contain bad topology. I’m curious if I did something wrong when importing or if others are seeing the same thing.


Will appreciate Onshape model too!

Imported into Solidworks and exported as a parasolid. Imported into OnShape…translated with errors. Parts with faults have been imported (Import to this document, Orient Y Axis Up, Create a composite part). 2022 Everybot and 2022 WCP MCC in different folders: Onshape


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