Onshape - NYS Ed Law 2d Compliant


Has anyone in NYS gotten approval from their districts to use Onshape? My district is concerned about privacy concerns and whether Onshape and PTC are NYS Ed Law 2D compliant.

If I could list other schools in NY that have gotten approval it would help speed the process.


Doug Albrecht
4122 Ossining
Ossining High School

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You might try reaching out to Onshape/PTC support and asking if they comply with the law, since they would probably know better than anyone. They could likely provide documentation you could take to your district as well. We’ve reached out to other software companies to ask similar compliance questions before and have always gotten fairly quick responses.

Hey Doug! Onshape is NYS Ed Law 2D compliant and we’ve worked with many other schools to get everything squared away.

If you can send your Parents Bill of Rights and other DPA documents to [email protected], we’ll be happy to help you out!


Thanks Drew! I appreciate the direction!

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Greece Central School District gave the green light for EdLaw2D compliance for Onshape usage earlier this year.


Albany City School District has been using Onshape and Edlaw2d approved for the past 3 years now. Well worth spending the money on the enterprise account which creates your own domain for kids (In addition to many other nice features) to log into and takes care of many of the Edlaw red tape.


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