Onshape Sharing Issues

Hi all!

A few members of our team are having a peculiar issue: when they log in and go to the robot CAD, all they have is view access. When I go into sharing settings, it says they have full edit access. This doesn’t happen to everyone, only a random couple of members. They were previously able to edit it. Does anyone else have this issue/know of a fix?

I’d bet the document was made by an Onshape education plan user and the users having trouble are on the standard free plan


To elaborate on Marcus’s answer, they can likely resolve this by filling out the education form here again. You’ll need to redo this every year.


Okay, I’ll definitely try that. Now that I think about it, I remember someone mentioning the “redo it every year” thing. Thank you!

I have also had this issue for many months. Whenever I go through that form and click the “create edu account” button at the bottom, the page turns white and nothing loads.

Please send me a dm with some details so we can check this out and make sure the signup works as expected for you and everyone!

You should also be able to fix this issue by making the document public through the sharing tab.

Oh yeah, we’ve been having this issue for a while. The Onshape edu sign up page doesn’t seem to like google chrome for some reason. We generally solve it by switching to incognito mode or another browser, where it seems to work fine.

As a side note, the edu sign up page is a little weird because it looks like you’re signing up for a new account, even though you’re actually just renewing your current one (so long as you use the same email).

We ran into this during a team meeting this past weekend, it looks like certain ad-blockers can interfere with the sign-up page.