OnShape Sprocket Generators

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a good Onshape sprocket generator that is easy for a CNC to cut out? For an offseason project we are planning we need a #25 sprocket for a shooter turret. Any help is appreciated.



This is what we used to make a sprocket for a turret

MKCad. Insert it as a derived part. Never CNC’d one though, but it is a standard sprocket profile.


I can’t speak for the sprockets but the pulley generator doesn’t make CNC friendly models. I ended up redesigning the tooth profile to be drilled by a drill.

That is your best bet, drill the valleys and then machine the rest with an endmill


Good to know for pulleys. We had 3D printed our 2020 turret pulley, so I’m now curious what we used back then for the tooth profile. @David_Bridge ?

@jago21 did you have any issues with chain fit on this generated sprocket? Did you sand the teeth to make a bevel at all, or did you just use a thinner material? Something like 0.90"? Would love more details.

Yes I made my own profile. Belt fits perfectly!

I was planning on making a CD post going into detail about how I made it


I’ve used this featurescript before. Comparing it to the profiles of the Vex sprockets, basically identical other than the Vex teeth having flat tops and the FS ones being pointed. I haven’t actually made one in real life though, so I can’t promise anything. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I found it or who made it so I can’t properly give credit

We didn’t have any problems with chain fit. We machined the sprockets using a 1/4” endmill to rough out the shape and an 1/8” endmill for the final profile.

It was a while ago but I think we used .125 material. We then sanded the teeth with a belt sander to sort of chamfer them until we had a good fit. It was an off-season project but we would definitely use the process if we needed a non standard sprocket for a robot.

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