ONT District - Carleton University Event Preview [ONOTT]

Hey Everyone!

I’m Anthony, I’m a member of the Planning Committee and I’ll also be one of your Announcers for the 2020 Carleton University District Event. Joining me on the mic for the weekend are Pranit Trivedi and Celeste Nantel, and along with my colleagues in the Faculty of Engineering and Design, we’re all extremely excited to see your robots in action! Special Thanks to our Exclusive Presenting Sponsor, General Dynamics Missions Systems - Canada, for their support of FIRST!

From Lively, to LaSalle, to Littleton, and everywhere in between, we have teams from across Ontario and New England joining us in Ottawa! Here is the full list:

  • 772 - Sabre Bytes Robotics
  • 1075 - Sprockets
  • 1305 - Ice Cubed
  • 1334 - Red Devils
  • 1374 - Amped Up
  • 2013 - Cybergnomes
  • 2168 - Aluminum Falcons
  • 2706 - Merge Robotics
  • 2708 - Lake Effect Robotics
  • 2994 - ASTECHZ
  • 3543 - C4 Robotics
  • 4069 - Lo-Ellen Robotics
  • 4476 - W.A.F.F.L.E.S.
  • 4783 - RoboRavens
  • 4968 - RoboHawks
  • 4992 - Sparbotics
  • 6162 - Cap Alpaca
  • 6328 - Mechanical Advantage
  • 7267 - Lisgar Robotics Club
  • 7476 - EOM Lions
  • 7480 - Machine Mavericks
  • 7520 - Team MineKee
  • 8052 - Water Bears
  • 8072 - Tech Tigers
  • 8073 - Electron Affinity
  • 8349 - Newbotics

In addition to the 4 Rookie teams that we’re welcoming to the world of FIRST, we also have some notable veterans joining us, including:

  • 772 (7-7-who?) - 2019 Ontario Provincial Championship Chairman’s Award Winner
  • 1305 - 2019 Georgian College & North Bay District Event Winners
  • 2168 - 2019 New England District Championship Event Winner, Ranked 1st overall in the New England District
  • 2706 - 2019 North Bay Engineering Inspiration Award Winner
  • 2994 - 2019 Ontario Provincial Championship - Science Division Finalists
  • 4476 - 2019 Georgian Colleges District Event Winners
  • 4783 - 2019 Durham College District Event Winners
  • 6328 - 2019 New England District Championship Engineering Inspiration Award Winner
  • 7480 - 2019 Ontario Provincial Championship Rookie All Star Award Winners
  • 7520 - 2019 Ryerson University District Event Winners

This will be the first-ever competition hosted in Eastern Ontario, and we’re incredibly honoured to be hosting such incredibly talented teams on our campus in Canada’s Capital! Please feel free to visit carleton.ca/firstrobotics for more information, or contact us by email if you have any questions.

For Teams, Volunteers, and Visitors attending the event, you can check out the Full Event Schedule; see Parking info, Load-in Maps, Quiet Room details, On-site Dining Options and more under Resources for Teams; or sign up to take an Engineering or Science Facilities Tour.

The live webcast will be available at: https://www.twitch.tv/firstontario1 OR https://www.twitch.tv/firstontario3

We can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks!


6328 is incredibly excited to be traveling up for this event! Absolutely can’t wait to meet everyone!

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We look forward to welcoming your team to Canada and our Nation’s Capital! We’re honored that you chose us for your first-ever international event.

Please let us know if you need anything, or have any questions!


Thank you for the great post!

2168 is extremely excited for our first event outside of the US and we already appreciate the warm welcome.

So thank you, and
likewise if there is any thing we can provide before our travel up to Canada please let us know.

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You should get Trudeau to pop by :joy:

We regret to inform, due to recent developments within out state and response by our governments around Covid-19, 2168 will no longer be attending this event.

We were looking forward to competing with a new group of teams and making new friends.

Unfortunately the current climate won’t let us do that in person, but 2168 hopes this event still occurs and we will be watching and rooting those on that compete.

We hope you guys have a blast! We look forward to a time when we can compete within the Ontario District again.



This is so sad to here. Hope you guys can make it to Ontario next year.


You will definitely be missed! We completely understand the situation, and wish your team the very best in the rest of the season. You’re all welcome up in Ontario any time.

As of right now, the Carleton University District Event is still moving forward as planned



In light of the recent health concerns, FIRST Canada has suspended all Week 3 (Ryerson and Carleton) FIRST Robotics Competition Events. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to teams and volunteers. We will provide updates as they become available.

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Hi Everyone,

Due to recent health concerns, FIRST Robotics Canada has suspended their Week 3 events, including our event this weekend.

We were really looking forward to welcoming everyone to our campus, but we respect the decision of FIRST Canada, and safety is our highest priority.

We will share more information as it becomes available.


Anthony Caliciuri
Carleton FRC Planning Committee
Faculty of Engineering and Design - Carleton University

Our students are processing the news this morning. We were so excited for our first event in Ottawa. We have high hopes for Ottawa hosting future FRC competitions, whether it’s a postponed Infinite Recharge event or a competition in 2021.

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