Ontario 2022 District Events Posted

As the tittle suggests, FIRST Canada has posted the 2022 district event dates for Ontario!!

I’ve pulled this list together on mobile while at dinner (the FIRST Canada calendar SUCKS on mobile). Please forgive and correct me on any inaccuracies you see.

Week 1 - Humber
Week 3 - Georgian
Week 4 - Waterloo
Week 4 - York
Week 5 - Windsor
Week 5 - Durham
Week 5 - North Bay
Week 6 - Western


So after the announcements of 1 day events today by FIRST in Ontario, the Western district event in week 6 has since been pulled from the FIRST Canada event calendar, and not listed anywhere else on the site. It appears to have been replaced by the St Mary’s event.

Does anyone know if the Western event has now been officially cancelled…?

Edit: I just recieved an email back from John Hobbins answering my question. In it he states that the 2022 Western district event is cancelled due to covid restrictions at the university.

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Is Ottawa not running too?

Ottawa hasn’t been on the list of events in either case (both the events listed last week, and those re-listed this week did not include Ottawa). My best guess will be that it’s not running either.

John mentioned there would be more info available in the team blast he puts out tomorrow, along with a new episode of FIRST Canada Live on Tuesday, followed by an open talk session on the Wednesday to help clear up any comments/concerns.



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Thanks for posting this for those that haven’t seen it before!

Link to the original announcement can be found here!

Really curious to know if Ryerson would be hosting one too since their name isn’t on the list. I’m curious about the “North York” event, since York uni already confirmed it, and curious to know that “North York” they are talking about and it’s location

Basic info about events can be found at the link below (having a hard time doing a hyperlink on mobile).


Things such as event capacity, currently registered teams, dates and the event address can be found here.

With regards to Ryerson, I highly doubt there will be an event from them this year. From all the live mentor meetings held by FIRST Canada, along with everything they’ve posted, what we see listed now is everything planned for 2022. My guess would be similar reasoning to why Western isn’t happening this year; Covid restrictions at the hosting campus.

Would love to be proven wrong, but I suspect these are all the events we can expect this year.

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Dam not gonna keep the Durham week 1 win streak

Was definitely surprised to see y’all registered for both days at Humber and none at Durham.

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The team is trying to avoid much travel and hotels for the single-day events


Hi jake

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