Ontario DCMP review

Ontario DCMP delivered all that was expected of it with all kinds of dramatics, although not nearly the drama that took place in MI from what I’ve read.

1114 Simbotics suffered it’s first defeat of the year at the hands of 1241 Theory 6 in quals 44 as others predicted might happen.

2200, 3683 and 5406 all fought for second place as powerful 2056 OP Robotics stomped through Technology division with 11 wins and a tie in qualifying.

In the Science division, 1114 did not have such an easy path as several teams on their field hit their stride in DCMP play. It took a replay of a match that had a field fault to finally seed 1114 at the top of the heap by a single point. They wisely chose 1241 who had a rough qualification round and ended up as only the 8th ranked team.

Once those two were teamed up the die was cast and they vanquished the other alliances to conquer Science division. There were a great deal of other extremely strong alliances however, notably 1325 and 188 who gave them some concern when they were within 10 points in Science final 1.

The scouting teams of 1114 and 1241 earned their keep as their 3rd partner 771 was a miniature beast who gave 3683 all they could handle in finals. Team 4907 also deserve huge props for cutting the scoring of 1114 down massively with few penalties.

In the playoff between Science and Technology, 1241 hit some amazing cycle numbers (15) at exactly the right time. Past World Champions and HOF team 1114 was heavily defended and 1241 picked up the slack. The 2056-3683-4907 alliance was just a step behind but kept it close. Prior to finals matches 2056 and 1114 had identical records of 52-1-1. Notably all 3 of 2056 season losses came at the hands of an alliance with 1241 (also a past WC team) as a member, the two Ontario DCMP finals matches as well as a solitary loss at McMaster. As mentioned earlier 1241 also helped hand 1114 their only loss of the season to date.

It’s tantalizing to think of how things may have shaken out had team distribution fallen slightly differently…


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