Ooh!.... Aahhh!....... :bang!:

judt finished watching fireworks at kelsey park, West palm Beach, Florida

Wikid Cool But my neck Hurts now!

I just finished watching the fireworks over the St. Lucie River in Stuart. I thought it was pretty good, except the fact that there was a screaming baby right behind us the whole time.

i watched them off deerfileld pier, for those who dont live on the ocean thats where youc an go fishing off of. :stuck_out_tongue: they do a waterfall firewroks is sooo strait

I heard that the fireworks on Flagler were pretty good. The thing I don’t like about the Stuart ones is that there is no designated place to go to watch it. We have a kind of secret spot under this office building. We have a great view of the Roosivelt Bridge and the fireworks.

I got to watch fireworks in Des Moines, Iowa, on my return trip from out West. They shot some from the local baseball stadium, which was about 2 blocks from my hotel.

I have a kind of cool story. (not really) I was going to Las Vegas, from West Palm Int., switching planes in Houston. We left from a new years eve party and we left the eastern standard time zone right after midnight. It was like a little celebration on the plane. We were waiting in Houston for our connecting flight and it hit midnight, central standard time. During our next flight, it hit midnight while we were in Rockey Mountain Time. We got to Mcarron Airport in Las Vegas at about 11:15 Pacific Standard Time and went to our hotel. As soon as we got into our hotel, we heard a series of loud booming explosions. We looked out the window and all of the hotels on the strip launched tons of fireworks all at the same time just as the clock hit midnight. So we celebrated new years eve 4 times that year.

The fireworks reminded me of that story.

I was in Canada on the 4th ;( no fireworks there.

The fireworks after the Phillies game were awesome!! although, i am still upset that they lost :(. but what can ya do, i still had a great time.